Launcher & Game Issues

If you have any problems with launching or playing the game, do these in the following order:

First, be sure you’re using a compatible system. You can find the game requirements on our Game Requirements page.

If your computer is compatible, then ensure you’re allowing the game to run correctly by:

  1. Make sure you are using the correct version to match your PC and are running Windows (Don’t use the 32 bit client if you’re on a 64bit system)
  2. Make sure you have MicroSoft .Net Framework
  3. Allow/Whitelist both the P1.exe and Launcher.exe from your installation (defaults to %APPDATA%/PokeOne) in your Firewall, Anti-Virus, and Windows Defender:
  4. Update your video card drivers from the manufacturers website (NOT the app)
  5. Restart your Computer

After doing these steps, open your %APPDATA%/PokeOne folder, right click on Launcher.exe, and select Run as administrator

If you still have trouble with the launcher, it’s recommended to reinstall the game. Additional support channels for game-specific issues are #helpdesk-client and #support-client.