Silph Co.

silph co

The Silph Company, or simply Silph Co., is a company headquartered in Saffron City. They are the manufacturers of many tools, including the Silph Scope—a device that allows the user to view spectral entities—as well as home appliances. They are also speculated to run the Poké Marts in Kanto as well as in Johto and the Sevii Islands.

Due to Team Rocket having invaded the Silph Co. headquarters in Saffron City, a Team Rocket Grunt is initially guarding the front door, preventing entrance into the building. After the player has saved Mr. Silph from Team Rocket at the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, the guard will have disappeared, allowing the player to enter the building.


Saffron City



Heal Bed on 9th Floor, Bottom left Corner

Enter the Silph Co. Building, and proceed to Floor 5.

  • Head East, and pass Team Rocket Taylor
  • Head South until the end of the corridor
  • Head West towards the Card Key.

The Card Key spawns in one of the following locations, both are fairly close to each other (on you just need to proceed into the Warehouse)

silph co card key

silph co card key


  • Head back towards the elevator and go to floor 3.
  • On Floor 3, walk South untill you find a door on your left.
  • Open the door with your Card Key.

silph co teleporter

  • Enter the first teleporter
  • Teleported to Floor 7
  • Beat Gary
  • Walk around to the southern teleporter which teleports you to Floor 11.

silph co gary

Walk south from here and you’ll see a door with Jessie & James behind it.

Beat them and talk to Mr. Silph to finish the quest. He will give you a Masterball.