Indigo Plateau

indigo plateau

The Indigo Plateau serves as the capital for the Pokémon League in the Kanto region. It is the final destination for Pokémon Trainers competing in Indigo or Johto League competitions against the Elite Four. This is where the powerful Elite Four battle against Trainers in a final showdown of becoming a Pokémon Champion, who may be challenged after defeating all eight Gym Leaders of either Kanto or Johto. It is located just north of Victory Road and Route 23, and east of Mt. Silver.

Traveling to the Pokémon League Reception

From Kanto

To reach Indigo Plateau from Kanto, you must travel from Viridian City by going through Route 22 (to the West), and travel to the Pokémon League Reception.

From Johto

To reach Indigo Plateua from Johto, you must travel from New Bark Town by going through Route 26 & 27 (to the East), and travel to the Pokémon League Reception.

Traveling to Indigo Plateau

Once you’ve arrived at the Pokémon League Reception, you can travel to Indigo Plateau by traveling the Northern exit of the building:

Source: Mayday's PokeOne Guides.


To Fly to Indigo Plateau, you need to Fly to the location shown below:

fly to indigo