Available Regions

A player has the opportunity to play each of the following Regions in the game:

After completing a region and going to the next, your Player level will be reset to Level 5, but you will not lose any previous Pokémon or their progress. They will however be capped in battle to your Player level, allowing you to progress within a normal power curve.

Announced Regions

  • Unova - Coming in the New Year 2018/2019 (Approximately the first week of January)
  • Battle Frontier - Coming 2019

There are no concrete plans for any other regions at the current time, but we imagine they will all be implemented eventually. Unfortunately, there is no estimated time for them.

How to Change Regions

To leave Kanto or Johto to the opposite region, you must first beat the corresponding Elite 4. Only then are you able to go from the Victory Road entrance building to the new region.