For the time being, only the legendary trios for Kanto and Johto are obtainable.


The legendary birds:

Note: Only Zapdos is catchable before completing the Elite 4. If you speak to Articuno before beating the Elite 4, he will flee. Come back after you’ve progressed, and he will be waiting for you.

  • Moltres - Found in Victory Road (Map)
  • Zapdos - Found in the Power Plant (Map)
  • Articuno - Found in Seafoam Islands.

    To find Articuno, enter from the South Entrance, Rock Smash go up the stairs and left. Then up the ladder across the ice and to the ladder on the right top. Then down and left to the next ladder and poof you are there


You gain access to the Legendary Dogs once you’ve beaten the Elite 4 in Johto.

  • Entei - Found in the Dark Cave
  • Raikou - Found on Route 45
  • Suicune - The quest line starts in Cianwood from Eusine.
    * Part 1 - Walk North to South in Path
    * Part 2 - Route 42
    * Part 3 - Dragon’s Den
    * Part 4 - Mt. Mortar: Middle Entrance – Up The Waterfall


Legendaries do not benefit from the Synchronize ability, alongside all other static encounter Pokémon, making popular Ability & Nature combinations much more valuable.

Catch Rate & Respawning

Each Legendary Pokémon can only be caught once, per account.

If you kill a Legendary Pokémon during your encounter with them, a new spawn (with new, randomized values) will be available in 1 week (7 real-world days).

Why can’t I catch [insert legendary name here]?

All Legendary Pokémon not listed on this page are implemented as Bosses, and are not catchable.