Currencies & Generating Income

Money (Pokedollars, PK or ₽)

Money is earned through winning NPC encounters (Trainers, Gym Leaders, the Elite 4 + Champion, etc.).

Additionally, there is an in-game trading economy based around selling Pokémon, Items, Buffs, Services, almost anything! You have the option of participating in this to earn PK.

Lastly, there are in-game buffs that allow you to increase the amount of Money you earn per encounter, or gives you small amounts for Wild Pokémon encounters.

Note: You can make secondary characters (called alts) and if you have multiple computers, trade that money to yourself, or use it for economical exchanges.

Gold Coins

Gold Coins are used as supplemental currency for transactions in the in-game cosmetic store, and for certain actions such as resetting IVs.

The only way to obtain these currently is Loot Boxes.