Unsupported Features (That People Consistently Ask About)

Here are some common features that are asked about, and some clarification as to why they are not currently available or not in game.


It is impossible to catch or trade starters, so don’t bother asking, you are limited to 1 region exclusive starter per region Finish kanto and you get a johto region exclusive one when u start johto and vice-versa for johto to kanto.

Mega Evolutions

For all intents and purposes, Mega Evolutions are not in the game. The developers have actually created them, but they are not yet accessible to play with, and there is no ETA for their activation.

Breeding, XP Share, Lucky Egg, Gold Amulet

There will never be breeding or the XP Share, Lucky Egg, Gold Amulet. The reason for this is we have IV resets, egg move tutor and breeding doesn’t lend itself well to an MMO game. However future events that reward eggs may be added in the game.

VS Seeker

There is no VS Seeker in this game, nor will there be, you have the option sometimes to rebattle a certain npc during the the daily bounties.

Razor Claw & Razor Fang

These items are not currently in the game.

Eeveelutions: Glaceon & Leafeon

Glaceon & Leafeon do not currently exist in the game.